Friday, 30 November 2007

I am Thinking of Hibernating.....

Whew, what a busy day...... cannot believe how things just get worse and worse... had a not too bad morning Christmas Shopping (well I sat in front of my computer and shopped), no hassle, no stress, and now have most things ordered and bought, christmas cards all made.... but then things started to go wrong, sent DD 2 to go get DH's christmas present for me, all ordered etc, just needed picking up, so she went to do this, I went on the school run, extra child today as DD 5 is having a friend over to stay tonight, so went shopping for extra food, and midnight snack type stuff. then the small school have disco's tonight, so need to get them ready for 4.45pm. Then at 4pm just after I get home from school run, DH rings, his car wont start, problem he is about 30 miles away, listen he says, it is turning over but wont start.... now ask me about a petrol engine, I can have a good old go at determining what is wrong, but give me diesel, and if the battery is turning over and the glow plug light goes out I am stumped... okay I says, try checking fuse to fuel pump, but whilst fiddling with fuses he manages to start car..... hallelujah, but no within 10 minutes he is on phone, all his lights have failed, no indicators, brake lights, nothing, but the car is still running, he has people flashing as he has no lights, so I tell him to park up at the nearest station and catch a train to the nearest station which is about 10 miles away... luckily he outside the station and does this, so children need to be at disco for 4.45, dh needs picking up 10 miles away, dd3 is still at Uni, DD2 needs to start work at 5, so manage to persuade DD2 to take the kids to disco, and get my neighbour to sit with remaining children, then DD3 turns up early from uni and comes with me for the trek to the station. We arrive home at the time the children need picking up from the disco at 6pm.... finally we are home and have dinner in front of us..... think we need a bottle of wine, and then DH can walk round to the school at 9.15 to pick up DS 3 from his disco. PHEW

Only one card to show you tonight....

I used my new nestabilities on this card, and my other 3 packs have turned up today, just haven't had the time to use them. Am also waiting on some new Magnolia stamps.... and a concave punch, which have been dispatched to me today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow...
off now, the wine is calling, have a good evening all xx

Thursday, 29 November 2007

A Minor Victory.....

Ha ha ha, DD3 had a strange interview arranged today, probably for a telling off for something she didn't do, but she was very likely to blow up at the accusation thrown at her, so DH went with her for support and guess what, it shocked the guy so much that she had an "adult" with her, he was slightly lost for words, and then had to backtrack on everything he started to say, and actually then admitted that the problem was probably their fault anyway...... hmmmm wonder which way it would have gone if DD had been on her own, so minor victory amongst all the wrongness going on at the moment.... thank you Lord!!

Bought some nice wicker baskets in Poundstretcher this morning, and they had the most adorable largish cards in packets, 18 to a packet and buy 2 get third free, it is of sparkly snowman and sparkly santa, and I thought I could not make cards any cheaper for DS 4 and 5's classmates, so promptly bought them, just hope there is enough now.

Managed to make 4 Christmas cards today inbetween sonic trying to beat knuckles on my PSP!! Still haven't managed it, cant believe I got through the other levels so easily.... boo!!

Here are my cards...

Got just a small parcel today, a set of oval scalloped nestabilities, wizard dies to make different size scallop ovals.... just waiting on another 3 sets from someone else now, which are the plain ovals, scallop rectangles and plain rectangles.... hope they come soon. Also ordered 48 Prismacolour pencils from US, and some paper stumps and odourless spirit, and will try my hand at colouring my stamped magnolias and sugar nellies in this way.... still haven't got round to using my new Magnolias yet, just need to get these Christmas cards out of the way, also need to spend a day surfing for Christmas presents.

Managed to get DD2s bed delayed for a week, so hopefully they will be in their new flat by then. She is off to have a blood test at the hospital tomorrow as they found something not quite right in her last blood test and want to repeat it, but she doesn't know what, but was told it was nothing to worry about.... but I guess we worry just the same!!

Kids off out to their club now, so off to order my yummy chinese takeaway.... have a good evening all xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Birthday Day......

Its my babies birthday.... he is 5 today, cannot believe I have been 5 years without being pregnant... rofl We really went out Sunday for his birthday, but I asked him what he would like for his birthday tea, and he aske for meat pies, although we have a rather yummy chocolate gateau for birthday cake!! He was more than happy with his remote control Dalek, which he has been dying to get his hands on for weeks, and a whole set of power rangers!!! Luckily we have recently laminated most of our house and so the dalek zips around pretty quickly. Looks like we will be having visitors in and out for the rest of the evening....

Just had an e-mail, was really excited about getting my new phone but it has been delayed until around 6 December, to say I am disappointed is an understatement, and I have been trying to use the credit up on my old phone.... so a big RASPBERRY to LG who cannot keep up with demand for the phone.

Have managed to make 2 christmas cards today, and coloured in one sugar nellie stamp to make another card with.... here are the cards...

DD2 wont be moving into her own place this weekend now as the people who are supposed to be moving out are not at the moment, as the place they are moving into is not ready.... so daughter has a written contract with someone who says she cannot move in, so what can she do!!! She can hardly force them can she!! So double bed and fridge freezer are being delivered to this address on Monday, and now all that will have to be changed, and she will have to find someone to store this stuff for her!! She has also found she will not be offered a permanent place where she is working at the moment, although she has been there 3 months, probably because she is pregnant and it is too expensive to keep her on, but as she didn't have a permanent contract there is nothing she can do, she will also struggle to find another job as she is pregnant.... at the moment lots of things are going wrong.... but this is all minor to some of the problems we have had over the past 3 years.. will just have to pray harder.

Anyway, off to have our birthday dinner now... have a good evening all xx

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Been busy making Christmas cards for the people at Church, needed 18, and I always do similar ones for them (as this makes my life easier), so spent Saturday and Sunday making 18 of them. Saturday, we also went out to PaperMill shop, how do I always end up spending so much when I dont need anything!!! The boys always make me buy them a box of card too, so along they went choosing colours they want.... cute eh!!
Sunday we took the children to KFC and then went to see Ratatouille at the cinema, and a good time was had by all I think. Some more Chrissy presents turned up yesterday, and by some fluke they turned up after I had got home from weekly shop, instead of whilst I was there, and then all the palavar of going to City Link etc to pick them up!!
Told DH I wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog game for my PSP for Christmas, and he walks in the room with one that he had bought me for my birthday that had never been opened..... ooops, but at least I am consistent in my wants, so spent the evening last night playing that, and got through the first two levels!!
At the moment, I just dont seem to be able to get into card making or anything creative, just feeling very lazy and cant put my mind to anything, but I really do need to sort out some more Christmas Presents etc, and make some more cards, I hate being disorganised, but for some reason I am always distracted. Got 15 more magnolia stamps on Friday and haven't even used them yet, so will need to use them soon I think... maybe tomorrow when I have nothing else to do.
Anyway, here are the cards I have been making...

I also designed a teddy bear template for my craft robo last night, so didn't totally waste my time. Thursday I am getting a new touch screen mobile phone, I am really excited, though I dont know why, it is only a mobile phone..... now who will I ring first!!! and does that mean I have to read a manual!!! lol Anyway, off now to beat robotnik.... have a good day all xx

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Christmas is Coming.....

Been busy today, what with Dentists, teacher consultation meetings, school runs etc..... but I managed to make a few more Christmas cards. Will have to sort out my list to find out how many I actually need to make, maybe the shock of the numbers will really spur me into action!!!

So here are the few I have to post, that makes a grand total of er..... 16.

Was much better organised last year, and even made the kids cards for school.... think I am getting lazy and spending too much time on my computer.

So my parcel from Amazon that I have been waiting for for over a week has finally turned up, but my complaining about the amount of time it took has earned me a £3 gift voucher from them. Will have to start checking out some other Christmas presents too, as have many more still to buy. Received my US scrapbook kit this week, it is huge and I haven't even used the previous 2 months yet. I bought an extra Jack and Abby kit this month and have decided that as I have been decorating my house, and as the mini album is in the shape of a house, I might make a mini album of our decorating efforts, although I have no before photographs only after ones.... hall's turn next week, and I have seen a massive wardrobe type thing in Ikea where you can build whatever you want in the inside, so want a shelf for a computer with 2 monitors and a huge laser jet printer, and also a hanging bit for coats, a shoe rack for shoes, and some more shelves for storage of catalogues and telephone directories, gloves, hats etc. Problem although my car is huge, the wardrobe is more huge.... aaaarrrggghhh!!!
Okay well off to have my Chinese takeaway and check out how many more Chrissy cards I need to make, have a good evening all xx

Finished at Last.....

At last I have finished my secret keepers mini album, have decided to give it to son for Christmas as he has just started making cocktails and is still collecting stuff, so will buy him some bottles of booze and give him this album too so he can make some of the cocktails. He used to love Ghostbusters as a kid, so that is why I have included a cocktail called ghostbuster.

Here goes....

Made some more Christmas cards yesterday, will post them later today as it is so dull here I have not managed to photograph them yet... maybe I should take to scanning them instead.

Also tried an experiment with my magnolia stamps, will try and use them later and show you what I did.

Off to the dentist in a minute, 2 children 5 fillings between them, then I have a parent consultation appointment after school today, and another 2 tomorrow, non pupil day for big children at school tomorrow for this purpose. Nothing else exciting happened, so I will love you and leave you, have a good day all xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

WooHoo Finished For Now

Well the boys room is finally finished, and well pleased with it I am too.... much tidier, cleaner, brighter and modern... more streamlined with everything you would think they could need.... so why are they always in my room then!!!!

Have now decided to do the hall before Christmas too. we have three storeys, so that is two sets of stairs. Luckily if we can get matching base paper, we will only need to strip and paper the middle storey hall, the rest is okay, the paintwork needs repainting as hands dragged up and down handrails has worn the paint off (even though it is gloss), and then repaint the walls. I am going to laminate the middle hall landing too, the downstairs hall is already laminated, and hope to buy a large wardrobe with sliding doors for the entrance hallway, to store coats, shoes, computer, toys and any messy stuff!! Trailing telephone wire will need to be sorted too!!

Anyway, have now nearly completed a little book I have been making for my son for Christmas to go with his bottle of alcohol. He has decided to start making cocktails and insists that everyone buys him alcohol for his presents, my little book has a few cocktail recipes in, which should keep him going for a while. Will post piccys when it is totally finished. Need to set to in making more Christmas cards too, so hope to make about 10 more this week!!

Have just ordered a new mobile phone an LG Viewty, I have had my old phone for nearly 2 years which is unheard of for me, but nothing caught my eye, especially on the "3" network which I like (have had a contract with Orange before and they were totally naff, dd has one now and she has to ring up every month as they always charge her too much). Now this viewty is just one big gadget.... perfect for a Gadget Monkey like me... and it is touch screen, will let you know more once I get it.

Here are a few cards I made last week which I didn't post.

Have a good evening folks xx

Thursday, 15 November 2007

No Scrapping for Me Today.....

So been busy in the boys room all day, have visited Focus 3 times as they have been too busy to get the extra laminate off of the top shelf in the storeroom for us..... now it looks like we have too much. Have done things all the wrong way round as neighbours complain if we make noise at night, so laminate has been laid, and the walls will be painted soon, as painting doesn't make noise does it??? Which means the boys have nowhere to sleep, so looks like they may have to sleep in the lounge, which means they probably wont sleep much... oh well maybe we will get a lay in on Saturday.... I envisage this room being finished hopefully by Sunday night as we are off out on Saturday. Have a meeting tomorrow morning, so DH will crack on with the decorating and building the wardrobes which will hopefully turn up.

DD3 has just put deposit on a rented flat and she hopes to move in on 2nd December with her fiance, they hope to get married in January and are having a baby in May.... so good luck to you girl... go for it!!!

Went to hospital for x-ray on my foot this morning. I slid down a tyre rut in March and ever since then my foot has been killing me, but as I never go to the doctors, I haven't been in the stupid belief that if I leave it it would get better eventually, but it still hasn't and now it is starting to get on my nerves and is also very painful.

Right here is my card I made yesterday, photo is a bit blurred, but I used my new Sugar Nellie stamps which you can get from Here goes....

Right off to the decorating again, have a good evening all xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - The Laugh of Insanity

Okay, I'm a bad blogger, I have failed to blog for the past 2 days...... life is just too hectic and the project I am working on at the moment is going to take some time, so have nothing really to show you. Got my new Prima Bauble Flowers yesterday, they are lush, here are some photo's but honestly the photos do not do them justice, they are absolutely gorgeous....

Okay, well will start with Monday, Monday is weekly shopping day, and boy do we need some weekly shopping, also thought I would do well and ordered some Christmas Prezzies online for the children.... unfortunately (now bear with me a minute), my DHs credit card was defrauded a couple of months a go due to a transaction made a year ago with Ticketmaster Germany. So they have issued him with a new card.... (are you still with me)... now when used in the shop everything is hunky dory.... but large purchases online are obviously a no-no.... Argos works alright, as it brings up an additional security window from his bank in which he fills in various other details and it all goes through (luckily as ordered 2 lots of wardrobes from them Sunday) but other companies, not so good. So phone rings, automated service about a payment for one order, security issues, I ring him he rings back his bank, but actually has no idea of the costs as I still have his credit card, so he has me on one line and the bank on his mobile.... trying to listen to both of us, finally it is sorted out, one company will re-try card later for payment.... good... finished.... not a chance. Do all the usual running around school time, panic to pick DD up from school as older DD has go stuck in traffic, DH is helping out at Beavers, and lo and behold, get back with DD from school at 6pm, and phone rings, another flippin automated bank security call.... ring DH who cant do anything as he is at beavers. Get e-mail saying we need to revise our payment method as card has been declined again.... aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. DH gets home at 7pm and finally sorts it out, put payment through again and yes it worked.... Girls are at guides, so by the time we finish dinner it is nearly 8.30pm and girls need to be picked up.... where has my day gone.

Tuesday..... Quick shop for lunch, Mum pops in for a chat... out for lunch, have 30 mins before picking children up from school, have manic school picking up time (one set of children come out at 3.15 in one area, second set come out at 3.20 6 miles away).. see my problem?? DH gets home from work slightly early, phone rings, its Argos, want to delivery your beds Friday.. or one day next week... aaarrgghh... so before Friday we have to...... strip carpet from boys bedroom, take down 3 wardrobes which just dont cut it anymore, patch up the wallpaper, paint the room, lay laminate flooring (11.6 x 15 foot), and then on Friday build 2 sets of 3 door, 4 drawer wardrobes..... this is after finding somewhere to put all the boys toys, books, DVDs, computer, cars, guitars, etc etc etc....

Wednesday, my Sugar Nellies have arrived.... woohoo, but when do I get to play. Took DS to dentist this morning, he was late out of school and left us 10 mins to get to dentist, which unless I have a helicopter would be impossible, luckily dentist was running late. Had misplaced my mobile phone, so was bothered by this, so popped home before taking DS back to school, and finally found it in a toybox where I had put some of the boys toys away this morning... DOH!!! Took son to school, then had to drive to Colchester and get DD from Uni as she had finished for the day and her car had been in for its MOT.... luckily it has now passed with only £100 worth of work, so she is well pleased. Have a meeting today at 5pm, so need to finish tidying house... (housework, now what is that??). Then after meeting, dinner, trip to Focus for laminate flooring and paint and roll of wallpaper... and so it goes on...

Here some cards I made a few weeks ago......

Have a good day folks!!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Life at a Much Slower Pace

A nice slow day today (well for me anyway).... went to Church this morning, had a really good time as usual. Then off out for the afternoon, after a quick trip to Tesco to buy bits for DD4s cooking lesson tomorrow.... lemon tart, and black cherry cheesecake.... mmmm yummy, I love my deserts, which I regret to admit does show!!

Went to Southend, much colder this weekend, flick back and you will see the photos from last weekend on the beach. No chance of the beach today, the tide was very very high, and we could see why Southend was on flood alert last Friday!! So children played together, not argument free for 2 hours, with games we keep in the car like swingball, throwing horseshoes, and also the kite and kiteboard. Well there was not enough wind for the kite, but the kiteboard went smoothly down the hill with each of the children on in turn and even some together.... with DS 2 deciding to do somersaults over the board on its way down, see the photo's below. Had a good time together but had to leave for home earlier than normal as by 4.30 it was already getting dark.... boooohooooo!!! DDs 2 and 3 took some flowers to the cemetary as my grandad died on Rememberance Sunday about 11 years go, and we try and make sure flowers are laid for him on this day, and a big Thank You to all the soldiers that have laid down their lives so that we may have the freedom that we do in this land.
Have decided to sort out the boys room this week, meaning, patch up the wallpaper, coat of paint, laminate flooring, new desk and new wardrobes, but am having trouble deciding on the maple wardrobes or the maple wardrobes with blue doors... and yes I have done 2 years training in Interior Design too.....
Right well here are the photos of sons and daughters on kiteboard....

Bit blurred but I really need a tripod, and I guess I had the wrong settings for movement, although I did shoot in auto mode except for the focusing, so not sure really what went wrong...

Here are some photos of a couple of cards a made a while ago as I haven't made any today....

Have a great evening all xx

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Phew Finished at Last.....

Okay, well I have had a manic 2 days, have visited Ikea twice in that time and actually stuck to what I wanted (well almost).... Bought some desks for the girls new room, 2 new chairs for their desks, a side table, table light and wall light for them to read by at night, and other DD's room I bought a table, a chair, some material, a cushion, and last but not least a new magnetic strip for my crafts!! Rooms are now finished and look good, have spent the day either at Ikea or tidying up, and a big sigh of relief that it is now finished, but no crafting done unfortunately. Thinking I may sell some dies and maybe my small cricut machine, and possibly my Xyron PCS as I need some money to do laminate flooring in the boys bedroom now, and a new bank of wardrobes would be good too... maybe at last then they would be able to keep it tidy, the carpet is well past its prime and you can imagine what it is like with 3 boys in the room!! DH has just gone off to get us some kebabs for dinner.... mmmm very hungry as haven't really stopped to eat all day!!

Here are a couple of cards I made yesterday, the christmas one was made specifically for the Scrummy Stash Cafe blog competition, and the magnolia one also fits the description, so added that to the competition for good measure!!

Here they are.....

Have a good evening all.... take care xx

Friday, 9 November 2007

A Book Quiz

Okay, well I found this quiz on GermGirls website and thought I would give it a go.... not sure if it is me tho, may have to ask a few people!!! rofl

You're A Prayer for Owen Meany!

by John Irving

Despite humble and perhaps literally small beginnings, you inspire
faith in almost everyone you know. You are an agent of higher powers, and you manifest
this fact in mysterious and loud ways. A sense of destiny pervades your every waking
moment, and you prepare with great detail for destiny fulfilled. When you speak, IT

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

A Bit Quieter Today

Well I managed to get everything done yesterday..... supermum or what!!! lol Dentist went brilliantly, no-one needed any work except Elijah, DS 4 who has teeth that through no fault of his own just crumble away. Therefore dentist fills teeth, teeth crumble and filling falls out, the first time he went he needed 17 fillings, last time he went he needed 11, this time only 4, but maybe that is because his teeth have started to fall out at last. Dentist seems to think the second lot of teeth will be okay and he wont have these problems. Our dentist is a hero, he is brilliant and even though the rest of the staff wanted to go home, he made the children balloons out of rubber gloves and drew faces on them!!! I sped off to the Doctors, I hurt my foot back in March, but have done nothing about it as I thought it would have to get better eventually, I never visit the doctor, I am allergic to penicillin and erythromyacin so there isn't too much else that I can take, so dont bother going. Anyway, doctor doesn't know why my foot still hurts, and when I say hurt, I mean really hurt, I have a high pain threshold, with 7 of the children I only had gas and air, (the other 3 were C-sections), so can put up with a lot, but some days this is just sooooooo painful. Anyway, he has given me an x-ray form and I have booked an x-ray for next Thursday (how come they are only busy when I need an x-ray, Mum says they are normally super speedy with appointments). Doctor then says if there is something wrong with my foot then he will refer me to orthopaedics which will take an age.... thanks for that Doc.... now I know why I dont go to the doctors very often!!

Today spent the morning with DD3, we went to Morrisons and had our almost weekly fried breakfast.... my arteries love them!! Then off to B&Q to buy some curtains for when she finishes decorating her room, also some sticky fablon stuff to disguise the yukky pink wardrobe doors, a new curtain rail (why do small kids always managed to pull down curtain rails)!! sockets and light switches (room has 1 electric socket??? so we bought a 1 to 3 converter socket) and the light switch is a dimmer!! All painting was finished last night, laminate bought, and they are going to lay that tonight. Then we went off to Argos to buy some bedding for her bed, and somehow or other some bedding fell into my basket too, a set I have been coveting for quite some time, and not something I would normally buy at all, I am a very plain type of person, and I have absolutely nothing pink in my house but this is fussy and has pink in it, will try and take a piccy for tomorrow!!

Havent made much today, just my first ever Hanna card, and so I am uploading a couple of cards I made last week before I started this blog. The pirate is a Magnolia stamp and is for DS5s birthday at the end of this month. The other I made as I was just trying to use up my kit from Scrapping Goodies before the next one was posted out.

Have a good evening all.... xx