Wednesday, 31 October 2007

More Cards.....

Well my little boy slept until 2pm this afternoon when I woke him up as I had to do the school run, I was worried he would dehydrate if he didn't drink, but he was fine and is much better than yesterday, when he threw up all over the place twice and was so hot, he hallucinated and was inconsolable when he dreamt his brother (who is six and very scrawny) had thrown him across the room. This left me plenty of time to create and craft, but I was stuck for inspiration and only managed to make 3 cards!! So here are today's offerings.....

I also have some Christmas Cards I have made but will save them for when I have a day where I dont make anything, plus it is much easier to photograph during the daylight hours!!!

Have a good evening all....

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

My New Blog - Todays Masterpiece!!!

So at long last I have created a blog which I intend to keep up to date. I thought I could post all the bits I make on here and link it to UK Scrappers so that I dont have to post everything on the forum. I cant promise my daily life is interesting, but you are welcome to read on. On Thursday it is my eldest sons 23rd birthday, he is an IT Manager in a school and a part time policeman, so for the last 2 years his birthday cards have had to contain something to do with police. I have also found a photo of him taken when he was about 3 at a playschool day, where he is wearing a policeman helmet and handcuffs.... maybe he was always destined to be a policeman, who knows!!

For this card I used Basic Grey Color Me Silly Paper, a computer generated Happy Birthday strip, and cuttlebug cars.

And here is that wonderful photo from yester year!!

Sssh dont tell him it is here. I will tell him about my new blog and I know he will have looked at it when he complains about me posting it!!! Ha ha ha. How much do children embarrass you when they are young... now its time to get my own back!!